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Source Code

This is RCP application, set of plugins written in Java on top of Eclipse framework.
Cards Database, library and decks are stored in xml and can be edited in text editor in needed.
Code is available from Git hosted here. Code is up to date and most of the time code version is usable too :)


    git clone git:// mtgbrowser-git    

Building from sources

You should to be familiar with development in Eclipse, if you have never done it, it would be close to impossible to figure out what these instructions mean

If you want to compile it from source code you need

  • Java 8 JDK installed
  • Download and install Eclipse for RCP and Plugin Developers (Whatever latest at that time). Run eclipse executable.
  • In eclipse make sure that it use Java runtime 1.8 by default Window->Preferences->Java->Installed JRE's
  • Additiona Plugins
  • Open Git Perspective (Window->Open Perspective->Other...->Git Repository Exploring).
  • Clone Git repo (git://
  • Import all project from Working Directory
  • Switch back to Java perspective (Window->Open Perspective->Other...->Java).
  • Find project, it will have target defintions file, for example, double click on it, and use Set as Target Platform link on top of its editor to reset you target platform. It will take some times to download all required stuff.
  • Everything should compile after that, except test plugin maybe. Right click on it and select Close Project - you don't need it.
  • Expand com.reflexit.magiccards.produt project
  • Double click on magic.product file, it will open it in editor.
  • Click Debug as Eclipse application to do debugging
  • If you want to export the app - overview page has Exporting tab - you click on link and follow instruction to export it. This will create build similar to ones posted here.

Submitting patches

If you want to fix the code, here is an instruction how to submit the patch

  • Follow the instruction above about building from source to install and check out source code
  • To perform a development run you don't need to export, just right click on magic.product file and select Run As->Eclipse Application
  • Modify source code and test it
  • Right click on the project where code has changed and select Team->Create Patch...
  • Save it into a file
  • Open a bug report or use existing one, attach your patch to a bug report with a comment that explains the changes

Development Articles

These articles may not be related to magic assistant development, I just need to put them somewhere for now RCP, P2 and Buckminster