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This page has current plans for Magic Assistant. See Features page for list of existing functionality. If you want something which is not here open a Tracker change request.

Card Browser


Add support for labels. Label is searchable keyword on the card. Some automatically set using hardcoded rules. User can add more auto-rules. User can add or override auto-labels with own labels. Labels are used mostly for abilities search. For example "removal" is label for cards with removal abilities (like destroy target creature, target creatures get -2/-2, etc). It is not the same as to have "removal" in the text of card, which can be easily done using filtering now. This would only apply to database cards, not to real cards.

Currently there is a limited set of abilities (keyword abilities and mined abilities), which can be seen on Abilities tab of Deck view. You can search for them in "text" search field in Basic Filter page by using []. I.e. [draw].

So I want to add the following features:

  • Have a preference page where user can define his own abilities and rule to mine them
    • ability to also enable/disable them
  • Have option to add label directory to a named card (won't be set specific)
  • Have a quick filter field to pick labels
  • Questionable: group by label

Card Organizer

Organizer is a feature that allow a player to organize his cards into decks and library

  • Add custom text deck import (user defines format)
  • Allow to make deck/collection read only

Deck Analyzer

Deck analyzer allow to analyze a deck ranking by several criteria

  • add manalyzer (mana chart is there, should add land-color distribution)
  • add flow analyzer (how many cards in hand vs in play)
  • add attack ranking
  • add defense ranking
  • combo/draft probabilities

Tournament Organizer

Helps to plan unofficial tournaments, creates randomized schedule for round robin, swiss, elimination tournament and so on.
Keeps the score. Maybe keeps overall ranking for players between the tournaments too. - Implemented in 1.0.6 (Beta)


Maybe add translation for other languages in which cards are printed. For that I may need some help - for tool itself.
For card database I can find translated version already.

Deck Duels

Game play engine that allow to play magic. It is tricky knowing that there are 2000-3000 rules.
Intention is create a AI engine that allows to play automatically and play-test decks against each other, without human interaction.
This way player can get "play" rank of a deck and check if deck is better or worse of certain cards are substituted.