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ATTENTION: this application requires JAVA 1.8 to be installed on your desktop


Download latest .zip or .exe file for your platform from ALL RELEASES page. It will have hint link at the top about latest release. If you click on that link it will start download! Do not click on any more green download buttons those are ads!

This is direct download link, you have to wait 5 seconds for it to start

Final Download Button

If you unzip it and run it but app does not start please read installation instructions below before sending me bugs :)

Full Install

Note: if you have existing installation of Magic Assistant see Upgrade section below first

Version 1.4 - 1.5

Windows [XP .. Windows 10] 32/64 bit Linux [Ubuntu 14.10, other linux - untested] 32/64 bit Mac [Unknown version] - 64 bit

Magic Assistant version 1.4 and above requires Oracle Java 1.8. You can download it from and install. Alternatively you can choose a package "with java" when downloading Magic Assistant software.

For Ubuntu extra dependencies see Installing on Ubuntu

Download latest .zip or .exe file for your platform from Browse All Releases page.

  • Unzip magic assistant zip bundle in any writable location (i.e. "Program Files"), archive will contain MagicAssistant folder inside
  • Windows 8 Note: if you select default (Program Files) folder later app would not be able to install software updates from itself, you would need to reinstall it every time you want an update. You can choose any folder in your home or another writable location if you need sofware updates to be working.
Unzip in any folder where your apps usually are, i.e. mine are in ~/Programs Unzip magic assistant zip somewhere where app usually go.
  • Note: it won't run from archive, unzip is mandatory.
  • Note: zip already contains parent folder named MagicAssistant, so you don't need to create a parent folder. If you do not big deal either.
Run Run MagicAssistant/magicassistant.exe (later you can create shortcut on the decktop to point to this file) Run MagicAssistant/magicassistant or create a shortcut/launcher manually Run MagicAssistant/ If it does not start there could be issues with java see If Mac says "Application is damaged", its because you did not download it from app store, you can fix this or you can run it from command line directly

App is not signed. Secure flavours of your OS may have problems with that. Only download software from Source Forge, I cannot guarantee if it was not altered if you get it from somewhere else.


All data (cards, decks, etc) would be stored in $user_home/MagicAssistantWorkspace. You will be prompted to enter the location on start. Do not put it in the installation folder, because it would be harder to upgrade the software if you do that. If you are not planning on changing workspace location, check do not ask again in the workspace prompt dialog. You can also change location of workspace if you supply command line argument -data "new location", and replace "new location" with actual absolute path, leave quotes if it has spaces in the path.

Version 1.3


Install on USB stick

  • Download .zip file for platform on your choice, do not use windows installer
  • Unzip in the parent folder, zip contains MagicAssistant folder as root
  • If you have doubts that computer you will be running it on have java, install version that has "withjava" in the name
  • Run "MagicAssistant/magicassistant" executable
  • If you want to keep data on usb stick as well select a directory on the stick to be a workspace, do not use directory inside MagicAssistant, so you can upgrade software easier
  • If you want to keep data on local machine, select any directory there, but if you want to share this data you would have to enable cloud sync (does not come with this app, use external provider like Google Drive)


Important!! Backup you data

  • Back up your workspace directory. All decks, library and setting are there. In version 1.2 and up and above it is called $home/MagicAssistantWorkspace, in older version in was in "workspace" directory inside the installation. By backup I mean either copy somewhere, or zip it
  • As additional backup you can "Export" all your decks and collections in the CSV files (Magic Assistant CSV)
  • Some people put there files in version control system instead of backups

(1.3.x -> 1.4.x)

  • There is no auto-update from 1.1-1.3 to 1.4 due to various reasons. 1.4 requires new java so simple update would just break stuff, also

1.4 contains eclipse framework update which may have its own glitches

  • Backup your data (!!!)
  • Install 1.4 in new directory
  • Run 1.4 on you old workspace. Make sure everything is working
  • Now you can delete 1.3 version (if you used installer it will actually delete it when you installing 1.4, if it did not work you can uninstall 1.4 and install 1.3 back)

To see what changed see Change Log

Update from local repository

For some unknown reason sometimes software update from internet fails and cannot be ever complete. If you want the update you can download "repo" using some other means, then install locally. Repo itself and instructions on how to use it here:

Update from Beta Site

If you want to receive beta updates to give me feedback for new features or test bugs you have reported to see if they get fixed, you need to point software to look for updates on the beta site. Beta site only works if you have MA 1.4 already installers. Do not update lower version from this site.

To do that go to Window->Preferences select Magic Assis (just this one below)tant and on main preference page click "Add Software Update Site..." In the dialog click Add and this this url "" and name "Magic Assistant Beta" (if it is present already just enable it).


When you don't want to receive beta update, go to this dialog again, and uncheck or delete this site.


If it does not start please check the following:

  • Make sure you unpacked it properly. See above.
  • Java. Requires java 1.8, if you use 64 package java also has to be 64 bit! On Linux use openjdk6, gij does not work, see Installing on Ubuntu. If you see error message about "gogo" it is wrong version/type of java.
    • If you run into that problem use package "with java" it is slightly bigger but you don't have to worry about re-installing your java. Unfortunately I don't have it for OSX, see with some workarounds.
  • It can be corrupted file. Check the size with one listed on web-site. If it still does not unpack or not work post message on the forum.

Known Issues

  • Bug 58 MacOS Search issue
    • On Mac OS when searching for cards in the database it does not scroll cards table to the found card. This is platform issue which I cannot fix but workaround is to filter down the list or cards to make it less than 2000 cards using the view filter.
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux: application starts then exits immediately.
    • Wrong java. See Troubleshoot section above

  • Eclipse Bug 404776 Crashing on startup on Ubuntu 12.x
    • For a workaround add the following to the end of your eclipse.ini. Do not use workaround on Ubuntu 13 and up
  • Ubuntu 13.10 - 14.04
  • Windows XP: If you using windows archive folder is has a bug that it cannot "copy" files that have "$" in them. Do not use "cut & paste" from archive, instead use "Extract all files" feature (Windows XP and older).