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Frequently Asked Questions about Magic Assistant

Update Card Database

Why Magic Assistant does not contain "X" set?
Software contains limited database out of the box. I am trying to keep up but WoTC releasing stuff too fast, that is why tool has update card database command. Use File->Update Magic Card Database... to manually update specific set or File->Check for Updates to Magic Card Database to update to latest released sets (later is also runs on app startup)
Where does Magic Assistant loads cards from?
From gatherer the official mtg database. It is possible to extend database by loading from other source via Import wizard.
Why I don't see new/pre-release Set in the drop down list? How do I update to it?
Before it does the update it does not know the set name, so just type the name of the set in the input field
How to load ALL cards?
You can select All in the update, but it would take a lot of time, you can do it overnight when you not using the tool for example. Firewall or anti-virus usually don't like it and sometimes such update can fail in the middle because of these guys.
How do I load all Land art?
If you care for different lang pictures select the corresponding checkbox in the update dialog and update the set you need it for.
How quickly update to the latest set?
Select "Standard" set from the drop down box in update dialog. Note: it will only update released sets. If set is pre-release it is not "Standard" yet, it won't update
I typed the set name in the update input field but it does not load any cards
It has to be exact spelling like in the Gatherer, check spelling there (Card Set drop down)
How to delete non-English cards from database?
I don't have software solution, but there is a hack that can be used.
First update to latest sw using Help->Check for Software Update
Close the app. Lets say you workspace folder is MagicAssistantWorkspace in your home dir. First back it up. Zip it for example.
Go into MagicAssistantWorkspace/magiccards/MagicDB folder, and delete all files from there
Re-start the app. Now you should have fresh db. It may find new db updates on startup from internet, you want them especially if your decks are using them.
Magic Assistant does not contain "Y" card in "X" set. How to fix that?
First check if you have filter enabled in MTG Database view, or just press "Clear Filter" button
Then check if card is present in the Gatherer, search for specific set there not just a card name
If card is there it could be temporal problem during import we can try to re-import the set
File->Update Magic Card Database... Selected or enter set name, press Update
If card if not in gatherer or you cannot repair it using auto-import you can import the card manually, see Extending Database in the user documentation


How do I export deck to another format?
Export command available from the view menu and from the Card Navigator view. Follow the wizard.
How do I export to a format which is not in the list?
Go to Window->Preferences->Magic Preferences->Card Export. There you can define your own export format. Once defined it will appear in export drop down for export operation.
How do I print the deck?
Export deck first in one of the supported formats. Deck Classic would be ok for printing. Then open exported text file in the editor and print from the editor. If you want fancy one you can use Wizards HTML and print from browser.

Card Fields

Why I don't have Artist (Collector Number, Rating, For Trade) field?
It is not loaded by default, to load it, select "Load Extra Fields..." from the view menu. If you don't have corresponding column you have to also add a column using view Preferences
Why Seller's Price is empty?
This field has to be updated from internet. Select "Load Seller's Prices..." from the view menu.
I did "Load Seller's Prices..." or "Load Extra Fields..." with Price selected but where I suppose to see it?
This column is not on by default. Use Preferences... from view menu to turn on this field (Seller's Price)
How do I mark card as Foil (or Online, or Premium, or Mint)
Use "Special" field, it can contain any tags you like (separated by ","). To do a group edit, select many cards, right click, select Edit...
In the Special Tags fields if editing multiple cards at the same time, type "+foil" (that will add the tag to whatever card tag was there). To delete the tag type "-foil". To filter by tag type the tag name in the "User Filter" page of "Filter" dialog in a "Special" field.
What is Own field?

Own field allows you to separate cards you actually own from the virtual cards you are playing with, for example if you create a wishlist collection, cards in there would be virtual. You can also create a virtual deck to practice deck building. Some people always use virtual decks, keeping all cards in Main collection. In this case you have to filter by ownership when using views like My Cards otherwise cards will appear twice

Deck Building

How do I make a sideboard?
Open your deck. From the deck view menu (triangle button), select Open Sideboard. Sideboard stored as another file with name xxx-sideboard, where xxx is your original deck name. Info page of the deck that shows stats and export operation uses sideboard.
How to make a wish list or virtual deck?
Create "Wish List" collection and mark it virtual (in creation dialog). Drag and drop cards from the Magic Database to this list. Do not drag and drop cards from non-virtual collections, it will move the card - use Cut & Paste instead of you want to do this (or "copy" drag and drop, holding Ctrl).
What is the easiest way to enter cards from a real deck?
It is described in the help, basically use card search (Ctrl-F) or Quick filter bar, See Populate the Deck
What is the easiest way to make a deck from the card collection I have (already in the Magic Assistant)?
Open the collection you want to use, or use My Cards view and filter by Location (make sure you don't include other decks that you don't want to disassemble).
Use Search or Filter to locate the card you want to move. Ones you found your card check how many you want to move, if all - drag and drop it in the new deck, if less split the cards first (right click Split...), than drag and drop.
This will change "location" field to be your new deck. Do not use + and - to increase cards count or edit card count directly - it will remove cards from your collection or add from database!
If you don't like the deck just drag and drop all the cards back to original collection.
Even location is set to be a new deck - this is still in your overall collection, all cards can be viewed in the My cards view
What is the difference between deck and collection?
Honestly there is no difference. But deck usually correspond to a ready playing deck and collection is whatever.
How do I edit multiple cards attributes (for example make cards "Own")?
Select multiple cards using platform multi-select way (for example shift-click) and select Edit... from context menu
How do I protect the deck from accidental editing?
Use your platform (operating system) to make your file "Read Only". That will do it. The deck file is your workspace/magiccards folder. There is attribute "writable" in the the deck Info page, but I would rather trust OS to keep it read only.
How to add description to a deck?
Switch to Info tab, and click on Edit... link. Now you can add description and change some option properties of the deck. Later view description in Info tab (as well some export format include description in Export page)


How do I back-up my stuff?
All your stuff in the workspace/magiccards folder. Save it somewhere. To restore unpack it back where it was. If you doing software upgrade backup whole workspace folder (it is much bigger because it contains images cache). New versions contain action File->Backup which just copies workspace to a predefined location.