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See Pretty pictures at What is New in 1.5.0

changes in 1.5.1.x

  • Added mana 13 symbols
  • Corrected flip card parser to adjust to gatherer changes
  • Corrected set legality parser to adjust to gatherer changes
  • Corrected price parser to adjust to marketprices site changes
  • Updated to latest Standard sets
  • Switched runtime to Neon
  • Bug 554 Group By Ownership
  • Added preferences to define custom grouping
  • Bug 590 HOU Lands Violate Max Repeats
  • Exception in UI when clicking on Own Count field
  • Fixed Commander Anthology vs Command's Arcenal abbreviation confusion
  • Update to latest set July 2017 up to HOU
  • Bug 587 Importing Decks / Collections with errors
  • Bug 586 List in "Instances" window does not update when add card to collection
  • Bug 582 currency convertion issues (site changed API)
  • Bug 568 MagicDB total cards count increasses on every restart
  • Bug 579 Basic Lands Will Not Load

changes in

  • ScryGlass import
  • Bug 523 Duplicate entries in Instances view
  • Show In menu in all views
  • Table headers now have its own menu to enable/disable columns
  • Added Selection view - show selected cards in gallery mode
  • Bug 488 Hidden Cards problem
  • Presentations - for deck view presentation mode: table, gallery, tree, etc
  • Gallery view - database view that shows only card images
  • Not a user feature but building now with Tycho/Maven
  • Bug: Fixed tree paining issue on linux gtk 3.10
  • Feature: added life counter for draw/play page
  • Feature: disable some buttons if edit database activity is not enabled
  • fixed enter deck text
  • Card loading optimizations
  • Optimizing quick filter control
  • Renamed Seller Price to Online Price and Price to User Price to avoid confusion
  • Added pane mode 600x400 into screenshot tool
  • Fixed editing comment in draw tab
  • Bug 469 Special Tag not (directly) written to main.xml
  • Bug 463 Option to ignore online-only sets and purge any already added
  • Bug 479 added duplicate and remove cards into edit dialog
  • Bug 480 Filtering sets - when multiple match
  • Added import/export examples
  • Fixed backward compatibility workspace loading
  • Added edition aliases field in set editor (preferences)
  • Redid UI for import wizard
  • Added extending database wizard
  • Fixed issues with default import report type (Deck Classic)
  • Bug 474 Problem with Color Identity filtering out too many cards
  • DB updates Masters 2015 and Tempest Remastered
  • Fixed issues with fantom filter
  • Fixed some issues with virtual settings
  • Fixed race conditions when opening non-existing decks and activation
  • Updated icon for deck view when it shows collection
  • Fixed major delay on clicking in Collections or Deck view
  • Update platform to eclipse 4.5 (Mars)
  • Fixed race conditions between saving properties and loading from disk
  • Bug in export when some category of cards is missing in HTML format
  • Bug 456 Error with legality entering Dragons of Tarkir cards
  • Bug 461 Fixed feature dependencies
  • Clarified error message for commander format
  • Reduced backup size by compressing in a ZIP file
  • Added filter control into column selector
  • Bug 460 Rename 'Kiora vs. Elspeth' to 'Elspeth vs. Kiora'**
  • Fixed updating color indicator on refresh
  • Bug 458: NPE in ColorIdentity


See Pretty pictures at What is New in 1.4.2

changes in

  • Bug 478 Filtering English is broken

changes in

  • Bug 474 Problem with Color Identity Colorless filtering out too many cards
  • Added edition aliases field in set editor (preferences)
  • Renamed: Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora|DDO||March 2015|Starter|Duel Decks||Duel Decks: Kiora vs. Elspeth
  • Added: Modern Masters 2015 Edition|MM2||May 2015|Online|||Modern Masters 2015
  • Added: Tempest Remastered|TPR||May 2015|Online|||

changes in

  • Update to fix update issues

changes in

  • Remove lock in refresh which is causing UI lag
  • Fixed race condition in loading collections which can cause data loss

changes in

  • Bug 459 export not working in latest version, stack overflow
  • More fixed to MagicCardMarket prices provider

changes in

  • Fixed issues with refreshing of views (introduced
  • Fixed issue with inserting of cards in main collection (introduced
  • Added MagicCardMarket prices scrubber (credits Bjoern Schmidt)
  • Fixed layout of Info page
  • Fixed bug in currency showing in Info page for non dollar currency

changes in

  • Bug 454 "Show Library" button in "Draw" view does nothing
  • Color column now will show images
  • Fixed CMC cost for 2/B type mana (is 2 before was 1)
  • Removed columns for X mana cost in mana curve chart
  • Support for Color Indicator field (For color identity)

changes in

  • Bug 452 Laggy changes in "Card Navigation"
  • Bug 437 Card Navigator does not update
  • Bug 444 Lockups

changes in

  • Bug 446 Adding Cards Using Keyboard Only
  • Bug 444 UI Refresh issues and slowness when using quick filter
  • When using quick filter now top card is selected automatically
  • When adding card to add now added card is selected automatically in that deck
  • Added shortcut 'm' to move whole pile of card, compare to 1m - move 1 card
  • Bug 440 Issue of moving cards with same number of cards as pile

changes in

  • Bug 430 Added set/rarity symbol to html export
  • Renamed Wizard html into Compact html
  • Bug 430 Html export - description should be above table now for IE
  • Bug 433 fixed exporters folder in decks
  • Fixed Elves vs Dragons

changes in

  • Bug 424 CSV import errors from older MA
  • Restored default theme back to Light
  • Bug 426 MTGO Import card count incorrect


See Pretty pictures at What is New in 1.4.1

changes in 1.4.1.v10

  • Bug 424 CSV import errors from older MA
  • Restored default theme back to Light

changes in

  • Bug 418 Backing up has encountered a problem
  • Bug 425 Tournament: Randomizing 1st round swiss scheduler for player with same rank
  • Tournament: Added sort on OMW, etc columns
  • Tournament: Added multi-opponents games - beta
  • Added support for adding set abbreviations
  • Updated cards db to Feb 2015 state
  • Bug 424 Possible fix for update .exe on windows

changes in

  • Bug 420: NPE during price update

changes in

  • Bug 414: Localized version of land card are not considered basic lands
  • Added ability to specify location for backup
  • Fixed parsing on new format for legality of sets
  • Added support for import of collections from TCGPlayer collections html
  • Added support for parsing prices from TCGPlayer html instead on non working xml API's
  • Fixed split cards in Invasion set
  • Added Commander 2014

changes in

  • Bug: fixed when updating localized cards - not all cards where loaded when updating
  • Bug 252: fixed unique count and own unique count should not consider localized cards as unique
  • Bug: fixed when groupping by name it would not consider localized cards as the same

changes in

  • Added sort button to Export deck page
  • Bug 409 "equals" filter not working in filter dialog
  • Migration to deprecate forTradeCount field (use tag instead)
  • Fixed - Wizards html deck export - sideboard correction
  • Fixed that deck is not saved when editing some string fields inline

changes in

  • Italian translation for types
  • Fixed materilize deck action

changes in

  • Feature Identity Support - added support for identity filter for colors (for commander)
  • Fixed invalid values in Set filter page

changes in

  • Bug: fixed card reconcile (own count update in db view)
  • Feature :read only collection/deck
  • Bug: columns of deck randomly resetting to one column
  • Feature: import format auto-detect
  • Ownership column just show V or O letters
  • Bug: fixed exception when groupping (for legality column)
  • Bug: cost cc text is drawn to close to the right
  • Fixed land in Khans of Tarkir
  • Bug: restore to default does not work for "show only last set" filter option
  • Bug: fixed lagging on "Reset Filter"
  • Docs updates


See Pretty pictures at What is New in 1.4.0

changes in

  • Fixed bug when doing software update on startup (it cannot show the dialog)
  • Updated database with Khans of Tarkir
  • Fixed card update handler not to block UI
  • Fixed set context assist to show newly added sets
  • Adjusted set image size to fit oversized icons like for M15

changes in

  • Fixed dead lock on startup
  • Added wishlist and fortrade tags in context assist
  • Special tags can now be key value pairs, change card condition tags with key/value with key "c", i.e. c=mint
  • Added deckbox import/export
  • Fixed magic workstation import for "foil" property

changes in

  • Bug 392 - mana symbols not generated correctly on Windows

changes in

  • Bug 390 Importing Decks Real/Virtual - added option to make imported cards real/virtual
  • Fixed hanging
  • Possibly fixed columns reset to only Name column

changes in

  • Fixed issue with image loading
  • Added ability to edit collector's number

changes in

  • Full support for dark theme (and make it default in this version to see user's feedback)
  • Added card info view action to open the editor
  • Added dialog to edit database card entry (image, price)
  • Added card image into physical card edit dialog
  • Bug 385 Tournament: Print round results in W(2) format

changes in

  • Added Print Proxies exporter
  • Added ability to sort on export page
  • Added action to open card info in browser from card navigator view
  • Bug 376 Wizards deck HTML improvements (contributor Bjoern Schmidt)
  • Bug 375 Missing and double split cards (hardcoded some rules)
  • Improved parser for double cards
  • Bug 378 Deck deleted when sideboard is deleted


changes in

  • Fixed TCGPlayer API's

changes in

  • Bug 365 Corrupt text in tree view of collections and decks
  • Bug 367 M15 isn't auto-downloading from gatherer.
  • Bug 366 New sideboards do not inherit "virtual" ownership from main deck

changes in

  • Bug 357 - Conspiracy aliases
  • Added Conspiracy and Vintage Masters to default db

changes in beta

  • Tournament - Added ability to edit pairing in the round and specify byes

changes in

  • Bug 345 Shuffle library issue in Draw tab
  • Added log file path to bug report submission window
  • Bug 354 Text of card disappears on select - Gatherer updated their web-site again.
  • Bug 353 Fixed - No localized English cards message

changes in

  • Bug 352 Win points on the tournament organizer
  • Added simple Backup support

changes in

  • Bug 350: Fixed possible data loss due to parsing error in collection and decks

changes in

  • Feature 349: Added "group by" card name, so can see total regardless of set
  • Icon for Name column now should not take lots of space in tree mode, making groupping more useful

changes in beta

  • Feature 346 added commands to move & split and just split which can be triggered from keyboard with a counter

changes in beta

  • Feature 326 Sort by Date Added

changes in

  • More fixes in test play deck, added Notes columns for other stuff (like counters, face down, etc)

changes in

  • Feature 179 Added feature to Play Test a Deck (via Draw page)

changes in

  • Bug 343 Tournament perspective no longer works
  • Bug 344 java.lang.NullPointerException on click

changes in

  • added preferences "work offline"
  • supporting url in the custom price provider xml

changes in

  • Currency type is now read from provider xml (only for custom providers)
  • Bug 342 Sideboard issue when moving decks
  • Added Modern Event Deck set
  • Feature 341 Add Set's date column as option for main view


changes in

  • Bug 336 Progress4 shows 25% for non-own cards
  • Added support for currency conversion for prices
  • Bug 340 put only minimal information about each card into the collection's xml file
  • Fixed bug with power aggregation and creature count
  • Bug 339 move card set related information from \.metadata to \magiccards

changes in

  • Updated platform to eclipse Kepler 4.3.2
  • Update database with latest released sets (up to Apr 2014)
  • Fixed split export format name in Card Export preferences
  • Fixed ClassCastException when grouping by Location or Ownership
  • Added more abilities and externalized abilities file so user can extend the list of abilities


changes in

  • Bug #331 Can't activate deck or collection
  • Bug #332 Sort by Color not working

changes in

  • added cvs ';' separated import/export format
  • Bug #328 Could not create the view: An unexpected exception was thrown.

changes in

  • should be able to sort now by Progress column in Collector view
  • fixed refresh issues when changing price provider


changes in

  • added context menu to buy cards from selected provider - auto-populating cart if can

changes in

  • price provider values saved per provider
  • can auto-load custom prices from xml
  • bug 319 prevent NPE when exporter is not defined for the format

changes in

  • Bug #299 NullPointerException on Ubuntu 13.1
  • Bug #312 list refresh/update issue
  • Feature #313 Generate Booster Packs in separate collection

changes in

  • background of table lines based on ownership, customisable. Ownership color will loose its own colouring
  • Feature #306 added Progress4 column to track progress of x4 sets in the collector view (off by default)
  • removed preferences for Cache Images - it is really not needed and confusing
  • Bug #310 NPE when opening deck (possibly fixed)
  • Bug #305 IAE during loading extra fields (possibly fixed)

changes in

  • Fixed import of MA fields CTYPE, CMC and COLOR - ignore on import instead of error
  • Color field exported as cost, but called COLOR instead of duplicate COST column
  • Autoexpand in navigator view
  • Trying to fix some refresh issues in collection

changes in

  • Move update commands for File menu, since Help menu was not the right choice I think
  • Fixed db initialization issues introduced in

changes in (Update Site - 8 Jan 2014)

  • Added button to not resize scanned card image (for oversized cards)
  • Added Anthologies set with images from
  • New default views layout - Navigator and Printings on the right now
  • Split Printings view into two - Printings and Instances
  • Instances view has extra columns now Special, Comment, Price and ForTrade count
  • Reduced text in Location column to abbreviate "Collections" and "Decks" prefixes
  • Bug #301 stolen focus - fixed
  • Remove Rarity as default column in Magic DB view, since it can be deducted from the expansion symbol color

changes in

  • Added open sideboard button
  • Fixed NPE when loading Legality tab

changes in (19 Nov 2013)

  • Bug #293 Issues with renaming a deck with sideboard
  • Bug #295 Inactive "Finish" button in export while exporting from Card Navigator tab
  • Bug #296 Wizards Deck HTML export option not working properly
  • Added Commander 2013 set

  • Fixed bugs in extend database dialogs
  • Updated help about updating magic database

  • Fixed grammar in delete deck dialog
  • Bug #288 Unable to delete cards from a collection after the set is changed
  • Bug #290 Load Chinese localisation bug

  • Added Legality as updatable field in Load Extra fields
  • Can select now price provider in load extra fields dialog
  • Added more confirmation on deck deletion and options to disband a deck
  • Fixed Ravnica set for TCGplayer

  • Bug #284 IllegalArgumentException for legality column

  • fixed issues with updating rating and some other fields on new cards
  • fixed import/load deck problems with card count == 0
  • fixed some set aliases for tcg player price provider

  • update db with new sets for September 2013
  • fixed alias for Magic 2014 set
  • fix wrong type of deck on Info page for decks with sideboard
  • Updated legality page - now shows all cards and legality related info
  • Feature #280 - Added support for legality filter (in Sets filter page)
  • Added legality column
  • Bug #281 - fixed some usability issues with errors discoverability during import

  • Grouping in card views now shows the root (All) so you can see aggregate results for all cards
  • Added tooltip for legacy column
  • Bug #277 issues with tree redrawing when grouping

  • Bug #278 Unable to change Count for Trade
  • Bug #276 Scheme cards resize issues (Update Site - 4 Sep 2013)

  • Fixed Bug 273 Mana Curve Graphic Missing
  • Added protection from copying non-virtual cards (un-protect using preference)
  • Added more info fields into deck Info page for legality purposes
  • Added Legality column
  • Added button to update set legality in Set preference page
  • Added check for magic db updates in help menu (Update Site - 15 Aug 2013)

  • Own count now shows count of cards in all collections in addition to count in this collection
  • Fixes status bar message in Printings columns
  • Use color instead of icon in ownership column
  • Fix issues with own cards number getting out of sync when opening and closing decks, and editing cards
  • Fixed cut and paste operations for cards

  • Set icons are bigger now in cards tables
  • Mana icons are bigger now
  • Added delay to update when typing in quick filter
  • Added warning if cards are filtered (Update Site - 6 Aug 2013) (Update Site - 29 July 2013)

  • fixed tournament scheduler - calculation of omw, ogw and pgw (Update Site - 27 July 2013)

  • update price provider treating Magic 2014 name on their own
  • added support for searching for mined abilities (i.e. type [draw] in text search field in filter) (Update Site - 23 July 2013)

  • included change log in update description
  • support for IMAGE_URL import column for external (to gatherer) cards
  • properly re-sizing card images which are non-default size
  • added preference page for viewing/editing sets, added ability to add/delete set from preference page
  • fixed workflow for importing new cards into database
  • renaming preference pages so order looks better (when sorted)
  • export: allow to change columns for some exporters
  • fixed some performance issues when adding cards into decks (Update Site - 10 July 2013)

  • After export is done open system editor to show the result
  • Fixed error when update to Magic 2014
  • Magic 2014 Core Set is included in the default database (Update Site - 3 July 2013)

  • Bug 260 Color Filters - fixed filtering of multiple colors when using Only modify (Update Site - 2 July 2013)

  • Bug 259 Fixed Card Update not working - Gatherer site is broken - found workaround for some queries (Update Site - 17 June 2013)

  • Bug 257 Fixed: Cannot type dash in filter and search
  • Fixed: Cannot copy text from search and filter
  • Fixed: Cannot export class deck format
  • Bug 254: Added export for another deck classic (1 Name) and import from same format (16 June 2013)

  • Bug 245 Filter unusual application to both collection and deck
  • Ability to create customized card export format (Window->Preferences->Magic Assistant->Manage Deck Exporters)
  • Bug 256 Fixed issues on Linux that was preventing program startup (Update Site - 21 Feb 2013)

  • Fixed bug when creating Booster pack from Collection it won't generate right number of cards (Update Site - 13 Jan 2013)

  • Added Shandalar/Mana Link/Duels of Planeswalkers deck format import
  • Added MTG Studio CSV deck format import support
  • Fixed validation rules on import page, otherwise it was trowing InvocationTargetException without an explanation
  • Allow to sort fields on Import preview page
  • Shows Errors column on import preview page
  • Allow edit name and set on import preview page (inside the table itself)
  • Fixed bug with title of Collector's view (always showed 0 unique cards)
  • Fixed horrible performance of editing multiple cards at once (Update Site - 4 Dec 2012)

  • Fixed search (Ctrl-F) on tables
  • Fixed behavior with "forTrade" counter when splitting or merging cards
  • Fixed a problem with DB where records were duplicated (27 Nov 2012)

  • Added support for importing magic database from external source
  • Added installer for windows for people who don't know how to unzip and install java (Update Site - 17 Nov 2012)

  • optimized hell out of it. Should be very fast filtering and grouping (5 Nov 2012)

  • fixed tornament closure in Tournament organizer which would not save the results to a file
  • fixed link to magiccardtraders site which they changed and broke price update
  • fixed search in tree views, now it will find and expand it
  • fixed card collector numbers in default database (have no effect if updating to this from existing install) (3 Nov 2012)

Posted as downloadable (Update Site)

  • Bug 208 Colorless filter only returns cards with a cost equal to 1 or greater-than or equal to 10
  • Fixed selection issues on Deck analyzers tabs (Update Site)

  • Fixed bug when cards were added as virtual when "add to deck" shortcut was used
  • Fixed progress sort in Collector view (now sorting by unique card count)
  • Fixed bug when export of deck/collection was broken (not be able to finish export due to exception)
  • Name grouping in Collector view now group cards of same English name together (even name is translated in different language)
  • When editing card comment does not come up as "null" string (Update Site)

  • Added support for selecting a font and color for lists
  • Fixed propagation of font value for "Dialog font"
  • Fixed sorter which I broke after
  • Fixed auto-complete for set in quick filter which was overriding part of word you type (Update Site)

  • Added German translation for types
  • Added sort & dnd support for cards list that shown on deck pages besides main
  • Added Core/Block groupping to MagicDB view
  • Change Collector view population (optimized) and added Core/Block groupping
  • Moved Draw/Hand view to be a deck analyzer (appears on the tabs now) (Update site)

  • Added auto-complete for special tags (i.e. mint, foil, etc)
  • Fixed not working search for special tags
  • Fixed broken html export
  • For Trade count field was missing from edit card dialog
  • Added deck pages for Creatures and Abilities (contribution)
  • Added Spanish translation for types (07-07-2012)


  • Feature 2917313 - Added "Copy to Active Collection" command (Ctrl-D) into My Cards view
  • Added show instances command to Magic DB view. It shows all instances of owned cards (if any)
  • Added label decorator (Active) to the active deck in the nav view
  • Collector view feature from 3505448
    • Shows cards you own and don't own. Calculates a progress of collection (at least one card of each)
  • Added Set quick filter
  • Added Magic 2013 set
  • If you resize columns it will remember now sizes in preferences (per view)
  • Added import support for Magic Workstation mwDeck format


  • Bug 3531624 - fix xml export which was broken
  • Fixed changing card location using cell editor
  • Can now copy/move cards selected by selecting group
  • Changes the way "All" cards are updated - now it is done by Set
  • Updated magic db to latest oracle texts
  • Manually modified Kamigawa sets to add flip cards support
  • Fixed more issues with flip cards
  • Fixed bug that copy cards and paste into text editor not working (29-May-2012)

  • Fixed few bugs with Split cards, Flip cards and Reverse side cards
  • Fixed few bugs in card import to allow more relax import (i.e. case intensive, etc)
  • Now you can create new card set on import (15-Apr-2012)

  • Fixed bug with timeout when updating cards (15-Feb-2012)

  • Bug 3487232 Price is not saved
  • Fixed Export button not working from Navigator view
  • Fixed unnecessary card updates with only Price update is selected in Loading Extra Fields...
  • Added MOTL price provider as default

1.2.3 (13-Dec-2011)

  • Bug 3440750 Cards not getting set to "Own" when added to deck
  • Bug 3440761 Sort direction is unpredictable, arrow is backwards
  • Bug 3440753 Show more complete counts
  • Bug 3437581 Group by type doesn't respect Instant type
  • Bug 3436553 Camel Case search not working with apostrophie
  • Fixed Reset to Default in filter. New button added to reset all filter values in toolbar.

1.2.2 (14-11-2011)

  • Finally added ability to select user workspace
  • Fix issues with selection when using filter
  • Added "text filter" to Set selection in filter dialog
  • Added basic support for legality tag in the sets dialog
  • Updated to new xstream version, which had a bug causing MA not working with java 1.7

1.2.1 (27-09-2011)

  • Fixed issues with Innistrad set loading and added links to flip side cards (20-09-2011)

  • Added quick filter support on top of the DB and MyCards view
  • Added support for finding all versions of the same card for localized versions
  • Added language column in Printings view
  • Added filter for Collector's Number field
  • Added check for software and cards updates on startup
  • There is unfinished version of Graphics view for deck/collection (00-08-2011)

  • Added support for localized versions of the cards (21-05-2011)

  • Added drag & drop of decks inside the Navigator view
  • [2913029] added average deck mana cost in the mana curve page
  • [ mtgbrowser-Bugs-3293663 ] Feature - Multi Columns sorting
  • [ mtgbrowser-Bugs-3132210 ] Feature Request: Drag and Drop of Decks in Card Navigator
  • [ mtgbrowser-Bugs-3293705 ] Feature - Sort color column with Natural ordering
  • Added new sets up to New Phyrexia
  • Added special "mana" costs from New Phyrexia (2010-11-16)

  • Removed separate menu for loading seller's prices, moved to Load Extra fields menu
  • Added back MTG Fanatic price provider
  • User now have a choice to which price provider to choose (from Window->Preferences)
  • User have a choice now when loading extra fields to do it from selected cards, filtered cards or all cards in the current view
  • Added group by Location, Set and Rarity options for all views
  • Added "Printings" view - it shows all printings of the cards in all sets and art-works (for land).
    • It works in two modes - db - shows card in database, and collection - show all instances of a selected card in all collections and decks
    • It supports drag & drop - so you can add card into deck/collection from specific set (in db mode)
  • Changed prefs to separate loading certain fields when clicking on card
  • Added action to manually sync from web in Card Info and Printings views (2010-10-13)

  • Fixed persistence of loaded extra fields
  • Added Image checkbox for loading extra fields (for loading images in advance)
  • Minor ui updates in select extra fields dialog
  • Added support for Update for "All" cards
  • Added Update action in the Magic DB view menu
  • Fixed locale bug (startup problem with non english locales) (2010-10-02)

  • Fixed carbon builds for mac os
  • Updated icons
  • Added support for sideboard
  • Bug 3080074 - magic-db update issues (2010-09-20)

  • Added fields Artist,Rating,Collector's Number,For Trade.
  • Added fields called "Special". It is for arbitrary set of tags, which can be used for foil, online, premium, mint, etc.
  • Added auto-upload of Rulings for the card (and preference to turn it off)
  • Created custom xml converter, it will write more compact xml which should significantly improve performance on big collections
  • Added "Export" to deck view menu
  • Bug 3001140 - fixed double click to expand/collapse group
  • Bug 3027988 - fixed sorting by Location in 'My Cards' view does not work
  • Bug 2956805 - added export to Wagic format (2010-09-05)

  • Added Software Update feature
  • Upgrade to a new eclipse platform 3.6 (this may fix some platform bugs) (2010-08-18)

  • Updated icon for deck info view
  • Added redundancy presentation for deck info when browser is not available for eclipse(some linux distos)
  • Added export to "deck classic" format (2010-06-26)

  • Refresh issues after cards are deleted
  • Added ownership filter in User filter
  • Added ownership flag for deck/collection creation
  • Fixed location mismatch when copying cards to other deck (2010-06-17)

  • Fixed import deck problems
  • Added buttons to create new deck/collection into import deck wizard page
  • Added import from Magic Workstation CSV
  • Added import from Magic Online CSV (2010-04-28)

  • [2954248] - Fixed mana cost for Tower Above (Workaround: update Shadowmoor set)
  • [2953965] - Fixed: Cancelling split pile dialog still splits the pile
  • Fixed Loading Seller Prices - website of mtgfanatic changed. Now taking prices from
  • Update db to include "Rise of the Eldrazi" (2010-02-07)

  • Added support for "Planes" - special wide cards from Planechase set
  • Added "Worldwake" to default database (2009-12-23)

  • [2917073] - Cannot change order of columns in preferences
  • [2915202] - Type filter is broken
  • added filter for user fields in deck/collection view
  • added seller's price filter field to basic filter
  • [2919642] - Added deck's cost in Info tab (2009-11-15)

  • [2894748] - fixed bug that deck is not saved after editing card properties
  • Fixed Save/Load filters
  • Fixed grouping in magic db view
  • Fixed card view now updating when grouping is applied
  • Added preference to suppress loading graphics from the net (if slow connection or to work offline) (2009-11-06)

Card Organizer:

  • Added new checkbox for color filter - allow to search for colors exclusively
  • Added "abilities" filter page (advanced text search)
  • Added filter page for user fields (comment, price and count)
  • Added ability to save/load filters
  • [2885349] - fixed updating cards total when editing card count
  • Update with Zendikar set

Tournament Organizer

  • fixed auto-expand of rounds schedule
  • fixed draft round button (2009-10-14)

  • [2877008] fixed mana cost for Darksteel Colossus
  • added selection for cards in deck legality page
  • [2879122] - added extra filter options for colors - Mono, Hybrid and "And" (2009-10-08)

  • [2872467] - Fixed Deck view refresh problems (2009-09-29)

  • Fixed booster pack not picking up Mythic Rare cards
  • Adjusted average mana curve coefficients
  • Fixed Loading Sellers prices, which stopped working because web site was changed
  • Added Deck Legality page, based on contribution of "Tym The Enchanter"
  • Added buttons for most used view actions on the top of the view (2009-22-07)

  • [2821958] Fixed image Conflux set image caching on windows
  • Implemented xml import
  • Fixed loading extension symbol problem for recently updated sets
  • Fixed problems while moving xml data files (deck and collection) around and between workspaces
  • Default DB updated with Magic 2010 set
  • [2823901] fixed Mythic Rare filter
  • Added "Land" rarity for basic land
  • [2824589] added ability to load different art versions for basic land
  • Improved update card database dialog and workflow (can run in background now) (2009-07-07)

  • Added tournament organizer and scheduler
  • Optimized import and mass operations
  • [2814939] Fixed exception when adding cards too fast
  • [2814939] Fixed exception dialog for some missing set images (2009-06-20)

  • [2392848] Items in card navigator now sorted alphabetically
  • Collections now can be open in a Deck View, as well as My Cards view (using context menu)
  • Removed concept of Deck and Collection Containers, only Container now - can have either decks or collections in it
  • Fixed booster pack generator - added validation, it will make a collection now instead of deck, it allows to select many sets now too
  • Fixed price format, $0.10 instead of $0.1
  • Added set/rarity symbol to be displayed in table in name column
  • Cleaned up context menus: fixed order, removed less used items, added "Move to" menu a Deck view
  • [2028078] Added Decrease command to reduce number of cards
  • [2809646] Fixed filtering words with letter "m" (2009-06-14)

  • [2798973] Fixed: Restore Defaults does not work for set filter
  • Added "Select All" and "Deselect All" for set filter page
  • Updated user doc for editing deck, import, filter and search
  • [2798925] Fixed: Search Box in Mac OS X is squashed (too shallow)
  • [2537773] Fixed: All card description fields should be selectable
  • Added more action buttons in Navigator view toolbar (Export,Import and Add Deck - before available only from context menu)
  • Re-ordered fields in new wizards to make it more user friendly
  • Fixed status bar and updates for "Draw" view
  • Added regexp search in Filter text fields
  • [2392880] Can Copy chart images now to clipboard
  • Fixed deck import bugs (2009-05-18)

  • [2392864] Added chart for card type distribution and card types statistics
  • Added group by card types
  • [2791997] Fixed restore defaults in filter
  • Updated user doc (2009-04-29)

  • added Camel case text search feature - allow to search by just typing first letters of the words in the card name such as SOTAg (Shield of the Ages)
  • added shortcut to add card to current active deck (+), same to increase card count in the current deck
  • fixed some drag & drop bugs (such as card won't stack properly)
  • added support for new gatherer website
  • updated to Alara Reborn and Conflux set (2009-01-18)

  • fixed editions that were not loading images properly
  • fixed text search to respect word boundaries (otherwise search for Rat returns Pirate)
  • added support for negative text search (-pirate)
  • added column Comment
  • added export to csv and xml support
  • collection view now can show all cards including ones in decks
  • added search as you type feature
  • added Price column for user defined cards prices, and Seller's Price for automatically downloaded prices from internet for selected seller.
  • added Edit command which bring edit dialog that allow to edit card fields without using cell editor
  • added Info page for deck to Edit deck description
  • added import from cvs, xml and classic text deck format
  • added paste command (2008-12-15)

  • [2420643] added drag and drop in card navigator
  • [2420704] fixed exception when dragging to magic database
  • [2420730] fixed missing newline in copied data
  • [2420646] fixed "split pile" for 1 cards
  • [2420670] renamed Add to Library into Add to Default Collection. Added Insert key shortcut.
  • fixed drag & drop for multiple collections (build ID 20081211000)

  • [2392885] fixed exception while adding cards from db into library using drag and drop
  • [2392714] fixed refresh problems when adding new elements in the navigator
  • [2392702] fixed adding cards to collection if more than one collection (using drag & drop) (build ID 200811292123)

  • added draw emulation view
  • fixed counters for cards while editing library/deck
  • added attribute/column for "ownership"
  • added ability to split card pile for later drag & drop
  • dragging files from collection to deck would move cards now instead of copying (build ID 200811022313)

  • added Copy command that copies card text fields into clipboard
  • added Mana Curve tab for Deck viewer
  • added Find command into views toolbar (build ID 200810142120)

  • fixed search by color, includes hybrid now
  • added untap symbol, database updated for description text containing untap
  • fixed Group by->None
  • added Reference guide in help (build ID 200810022144)

  • added grouping for cards in deck and collection view
  • fixed bugs in magic db updates and added action in Help
  • fixed bug with default filter filtering out */* creatures
  • fixed bug with set filter not remembering previous value
  • renamed Edition column to Set
  • added Rarity column and filter, and MythicRare value (build ID 20080927175)

  • update database with "Shards of Alara" mtg set
  • added feature to generate "Booster pack" - collection of random cards to practise deck construction for sealed deck tournaments
  • added feature to move cards from one deck to another
  • added support for card collections and filtering them in library view

  • added option to disable local caching
  • added command to send bug report from UI
  • added feature to create subfolders for decks and collections
  • added rename deck feature

  • fixed proxy configuration that was not activated automatically on start
  • added image caching
  • fixed icons

  • new database for latest MTG set: "Eventide"

  • added search panel

  • fixed sorting by count
  • added filter by name
  • fixed graphics for cost column
  • added proxy configuration page
  • added appearance preference pages
  • fixed info updates on card description view
  • delete key can be used for deleting cards now
  • status line would show actual card count in deck/library